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A properly staged property highlights your home's assets for better living and helps obtain the highest value for your home in the current market. Discover your home's true potential whether you are staging for sale, or decorating for life...

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Stage to Sell

Blue Ridge Interiors specializes in staging homes that will be occupied while listed. Using primarily existing furnishings, art, and accessories, we can completely transform your space in a matter of hours at a fraction of the cost of staging with new furnishings. You will be amazed at how well your home will look online, as well as during showings using our premier services.

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Alicia B.
Port Angeles, WA

"Due to her versatile style and cross-country expertise, Ellie offers a fresh look while still honoring local tastes."

Natasha Z.
Fairfax, VA

"Both our girls rooms turned out to be more then we ever could have imagined. Thank you again, their rooms are pieces of art!"

Carolyn S.
Washington, DC

"I could not have imagined how amazing our home ended up looking. I am certain that staging was the reason we had so many offers so quickly!"

Bill S.
Portland, OR

"Thank you for your energy and passion and wonderful attitude throughout our project."


Lorem IpsumEllie believes a home is an artistic expression of the inhabitant and thus honors the client while still creating a passionate design. Studying in the Portland area amidst the nation's top sustainability movement embedded a strong sense of tasteful practicality where function should never sacrifice beauty. She has worked in many aspects of the design field over the past decade, including materials selection, redesign, remodeling, new home construction, furniture design, lighting design, color consultation, and staging for occupied and vacant homes. Her growth as a designer has been influenced by many creative mentors, travel, education, and an undying love of the design found in our environment. Ellie views each new client and project as a unique and exciting opportunity to infuse beautiful design into their lives and looks forward to making your acquaintance.

"I love any home transformation... but staging affords the most exhilarating and beautiful instant gratification!" -Ellie, Blue Ridge Interiors